We manufacture a range of eye and face shields at our plant in Dandenong, which are now available

PDMedical is an innovative medical technology company which develops, manufactures and distributes medical equipment.
Our Products

We have a range of product to help nurses care for their patients in their day to day tasks

Our Infection Control range of products provide protection to nurses in the ward as well as the operating theatres.
The Midogas is the Gold Standard gas blender for the delivery of nitrous-oxide in Birthing  and Emergency, Australia wide.
This is complemented by a range of other products including our scavenge unit, breathing circuits and mobile stands.
The Gas Alarm Panel provides state of the art monitoring, alarm and reporting on the supply of gases to wards
Our tapered Adapters and Connectors are manufactured from clear polypropylene with clear stepped ring terminations to provide strong, secure connections…

Australian Biomedical Engineering Innovative Award

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