Our vision is to manufacture and supply a range of safe, reliable and effective medical and surgical devices supported by excellent customer service to assist health workers perform better, safer and smarter at no extra cost.


We are very proud announce the establishment and sponsorship of the Australian Biomedical Engineering Innovation Awards Competition.
This is a competition sponsored by PDMedical to encourage and recognise innovation in Australia and in particular in the biomedical sector of the health industry.

Sharps Caddy and Containers

Many needle stick injuries are preventable. Use the sharps caddy to carry and dispose of contaminated sharps at point of use and minimise your risk.

MIDOGAS Analgesic System

The MIDOGAS Analgesic Unit is the preferred system used in Birthing Suites and Emergency Departments and is the gold standard in the delivery of analgesia.

Mobile Stand for MIDOGAS Analgesic Units

The MIDOGAS Mobile Stand is supplied with Gas Bottle Holders, a custom designed Basket and Two-Way Handle for a complete portable unit (Shown with Gas Scavenge Unit Incorporated – Optional Extra)

Gas Scavenge Unit

The Gas Scavenge Unit is used with the MIDOGAS to draw expired analgesic gases from a patient’s breathing circuit in a safe and simple manner, thereby reducing workplace exposure to Nitrous Oxide.


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